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Forgot to post this photo of my adorable garters from littlepinkkittenshop ^ω^


Learn to truly SEE people. She want the gag, the rope, the flogger. She wants and needs this. Give it to her, Push her. Stretch her. Make her loose herself in these incredibly beautiful needs. 



Me before I go to bed


"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around

  • Big me: *gets hurt* *lets out a string of swear words while kicking/hitting whatever hurt me*
  • Little me: *gets hurt* *cries for an hour then slowly stops until I remember that I hurt myself and then starts again*
  • Big me: *is hungry* better fix up some soup or something to eat soon.
  • Little me: *gets hungry* where's the candy? *proceeds to stuff face until nauseous*



21. little . submissive. penguin and hello kitty enthusiast. (")> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll follow back any DD/lg or D/s Tumblrs, I love all the pretty pictures :) 18+ NSFW

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